Terms & Conditions


Thanks for visiting the Biovideo store, where we commit to providing you with breathtaking photos and keepsakes to celebrate your baby’s birth. They are the priceless memories you will cherish forever, and will want to share with loved ones and family members near and far.

Filming and Picture Consent

By accepting these terms, you authorize BIOVIDEO to film and produce a commemorative movie set to music to celebrate my child’s birth which I am eligible to view and share online as a FREE gift from: BIOVIDEO, this hospital, and program sponsors.

The BIOVIDEO consists of a professionally filmed and edited movie, set to music, which shows many of the most special moments after the birth of my baby during my stay in the hospital.

You also authorize BIOVIDEO to take photographs and videos of you, your baby(ies) and family and friends in the well-baby nursery, your assigned room, and the recovery room, with prior notice, during your stay at the hospital.

This authorization covers only your stay at your hospital during your baby’s birth. All images will be stored for a minimum of 60 days after discharge from the hospital, for the matters of subsequent request of materials. All photos, videos and personal information will be handled with strict confidentiality and privacy.

Your Biovideo Movie is a Free Gift

Your Biovideo movie is completely free of charge, a gift from Biovideo, your hospital, and marketing partners. We film and edit your breathtaking Biovideo movie at no charge, and post it on your free account at Biovideo.com, in a password protected page, where you can view it and share it with loved ones for 60 days. There is no limit to the number of times you can view and share it.

Additional Products Available for Purchase

We offer a wide range of keepsakes and memory products for purchase, including these items:

  • Downloads - Download your video or all your photos in high resolution
  • Printed portraits - High quality photo studio prints on paper or stretched canvas
  • Commemorative DVD or USB thumb drive - A high resolution copy of your movie, in a keepsake DVD case or on a USB thumb drive - this is what every grandparent wants to have
  • Re-edit your video - Add or remove images or video clips, in case someone arrives late or was left out of the filming
  • Director’s Cut video - A longer fully customized movie, where you can select your own music, texts, personalized data and more.

3 Ways to Purchase Additional Products and Services

You can purchase additional products and keepsakes from your videographer in the hospital, from the online store, or from Customer Service if you encounter a problem with the online store.

  1. In the Hospital
    Your videographer will help you select and order additional printed portraits, high resolution photo and video downloads, and special keepsakes right in the hospital! She can help you select the perfect value package to make sure you have enough keepsakes and printed portraits for everyone who wants them. Take advantage of in-hospital specials to save money on the memories you will cherish forever.
    • Digital photo download - If you choose to purchase the digital download of all your high resolution photographs without watermark (up to 50 photos in total!), your videographer will download them at the end of the Family Portrait Session and give them to you on the spot in a commemorative USB flash drive.
    • Movie download - You can order the download of your high definition movie, which will be made available for download and sharing within 2 hours of the purchase or online posting. The online movie will remain on your personal page for viewing and sharing for another year.
    • Printed portraits and other keepsakes - Your videographer will help you select beautiful birth announcements, printed portraits, movie DVDs, and other keepsakes, which will be shipped to you generally within 3 – 5 business days, with a nominal shipping fee.
    All in-hospital purchases will be made on an iPad or tablet computer, and we accept credit cards, PayPal, checks and cash. You should receive an emailed receipt immediately after any purchase. If you do not receive your emailed receipt, contact Customer Service at wecare@biovideo.com.
  2. Online in This Store
    You can order any Biovideo memory product from the online store, with convenient secure online payment by credit card or PayPal. Photo or video downloads will be available generally within 2 hours of purchase during business hours. Your printed photos, keepsakes, canvas prints and movie DVDs are shipped from a central location, and cannot be picked up in the hospital.
  3. From Customer Service
    If you experience problems completing your online purchase, or your account has become inactive 60 days after baby’s birth, contact Customer Service. For fastest response, we encourage you to send us a message using Facebook Messenger – at this link: https://www.facebook.com/MyBiovideo/messages. You can also email us at wecare@biovideo.com or call 1 (855) 246-8433 Extension 1 during normal business hours.
    As your account reaches its 60-day expiration date, you will receive an email reminder or a call from a customer service representative offering help to keep your account active with any memory product purchase.
    Any way you wish to contact us, we are here to help make sure you receive all the priceless keepsakes and portraits of baby’s first days that you will cherish forever.

Your Satisfaction

Our goal is to insure that you are totally satisfied with your Biovideo experience. If we have made a mistake, such as showing a wrong baby's photo or an incorrect name or text, we will immediately correct the error at no charge, and re-post the video on your page. If your dissatisfaction is for any other reason, our Customer Care team will try to resolve your problem immediately.

If you want to add photos or video clips that were not available at the Family Portrait Session, you can contact Customer Service to upload the new images and request a re-edit of your movie for a nominal cost. If you wish to personalize your movie with a special song, by adding more photos, video clips or customized texts, we can accommodate your wishes with our Director's Cut package which you can purchase and follow instructions or contact our Customer Service.

Refund Policy

Once our videographer(s) have filmed your session(s) and you make the decision of purchasing the downloading of your movie and / or high resolution photos, they will be automatically open for download and the purchase will become final.

Please review your pictures before purchasing them, because once they are open for download the order may not be canceled and you will not be able to receive a refund.

Once you pick your pictures for printing or birth announcements and they are sent to the printer, you may not change them or receive a refund.

Policy to schedule a session

We offer three types of sessions

  1. Labor & Delivery

    With a confirmed L&D session, we will capture all the emotional moments during and right after the delivery.

    We capture:
    • 50-80 High-Resolution Images for review.
    • 15-30 High-Resolution Video Clips to create a beautiful movie commemorating the experience.

    *This type of session is not available for unconfirmed appointments.

  2. Post Partum Session

    With a confirmed P-P session, we will come to your room at your convenience to capture baby's first time meeting family members, and trying out their cutest outfits.

    We capture:
    • 50-80 High-Resolution Images for review
    • 15-30 High-Resolution Video Clips.

    *Unconfirmed sessions are available on a first come serve basis.

  3. Director’s Cut

    With a Confirmed DC Session, we will capture all the emotional moments during and right after the delivery including:

    • A scheduled confirmed L&D session, we will capture all the emotional moments during and right after the delivery.
    • A scheduled P-P session at your room to capture baby's first time meeting family members, and trying out their cutest outfits.
    • Extra footage captured to create a 3.5-minute video directed by you.
    • Work 1-on-1 with our editors to make it perfect
    • We capture:

      • 80-150 High-Resolution Images for review.
      • 30+ High-Resolution Video Clips.

      *This type of session is not available for unconfirmed appointments.

Confirmed appointments for sessions policy

  • You can schedule a confirmed / guaranteed appointment based on availability, for a fee:
    • $39 for a L&D session (9 to 5 Monday through Saturday), this cost will be deducted from the final package price if you choose to purchase one.
    • $29 for a P-P session (9 to 5 Monday through Saturday), this cost will be deducted from the final package price if you choose to purchase one.
    • $99 for any time. This is an additional fee to make sure your videographer will be present in off time hours.
  • You may also schedule a free appointment for any of your sessions, however, these operate on a first come / first served basis and may be subject to cancellation if a confirmed appointment is scheduled at the same time.

Free Coupons

We have partnered with a number of premier companies to offer you FREE goods and services when you purchase certain memory products. These valuable gifts are delivered through digital coupons, which you can access on your personal page on Biovideo.com. You cannot receive a refund or credit for any free gifts.

Coupons may require activation before using it, and may only be valid for a certain period of time, generally no less than 60 days. Please verify the expiration date of each coupon to ensure you receive these valuable gifts.

All our third party coupons are subjective to change. We hold no responsibility if they finish their partnership with us.

About Your Printed Portraits

You can purchase professionally-printed portraits, which will be shipped to your home from our high-tech printing laboratory generally within 3 to 5 business days. You purchase portrait prints in 8” x 10” sheets which may contain a different numbers of photos per sheet:

  • 8 x 10  - 1 picture per sheet
  • 5 x 7 - 2 pictures per sheet
  • 4 x 6 -   2 pictures per sheet
  • 3½ x 5 - 4 pictures per sheet
  • Wallets - 8 pictures per sheet

Each sheet can be a different pose, but you can only order one pose on any one given sheet.

About Your Photo Download

You can purchase all your digital photos in high-resolution while in the hospital on a USB flash drive, or by download to any computer. Once you have purchased your photo download, the watermark will disappear for ease in viewing them. Go to your main page of your account, look on the right hand side of your video, and click "Download Photos." Your download should start immediately. If you receive a "Retry in 10 minutes" message, wait another 10 minutes, while leaving the page open, and then click the link again and it will begin downloading.

All your high resolution photos will be placed in your timeline, which we unlock immediately after purchase to allow you to download them. You cannot select just a single photo and purchase it for download.

Once you purchase your high resolution photo download, you have the option to print them on your own printer, or send them to a photo lab of your choice. You can also use them to create keepsakes like calendars and birth announcements.

While your photos remain the copyright of Biovideo, you receive a permanent license to the use of all your photos.

About Your Movie Download

Once you have purchased your movie download, go to your main page of your account. Look on the right hand side of your video, and you will find a link for "Download Video." The video may take several minutes to download due to the large file size, so wait a few minutes and you should receive a message to download your video. You can download your video to your computer, tablet or smartphone – some tablets and smartphones will require the use of a specialty APP.

Shipping and Handling

For all orders that require to be delivered at your home will be charged $8.99 for shipping and handling.

It’s Easy to Share Your Biovideo Movie and Photos

Next to your movie and each photo in your password-protected page, you will find sharing options. Click the button to post a link to the photo or video on your preferred social media sites, or in an email. The link will direct the recipient back to your Biovideo.com page, where they will be able to see just the shared image, and no other personal information. Once you purchase the download of either your movie or photos, you can download them to your computer and share them freely like any other photo.