How long will the products take to arrive?
You can purchase all your photos in high resolution on a USB flash drive in the hospital from your videographer for immediate use. You can download your movie or photos when you purchase them online or in the hospital. Printed photos, keepsakes and movie DVDs are produced within 3 to 5 business days of receiving your order, and should arrive within 10 days from your order date.
Can't I get my photos today?
Only the high resolution photos downloaded onto a USB flash drive in the hospital by your videographer are available for immediate use. You can download your movie or photos when you purchase them online or in the hospital as soon as they are posted online. Your printed photos, keepsakes, canvas prints and movie DVDs are shipped from a different location, and cannot be picked up in the hospital.
Do you charge sales tax?
Texas sales tax is automatically calculated and added to your order at checkout. The current rate in Texas is 8.25% of the purchase price for all goods and services.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In the hospital, we also accept personal checks and cash.
I am not sure if we have bought our photos or videos - how can I be sure?
If your photos on your Biovideo page have a watermark, that means they have not been purchased. You can check your purchase status on your "Purchased Items" tab of your password-protected biovideo.com page to see all items purchased and/or available for download.
When will my photos be available to view?
We will post your photos online generally within 24 hours after the Family Photo Session, and no later than 2 business days morning. Check back often, as our goal is to get them posted even faster, sometimes within half an hour.
Where do I find my photos and video?
When you login to your personal account with Biovideo, you will land on the home page. All of your pictures and videos will be available there.
When will my video be ready?
Our goal is to have your Biovideo movie ready to view and share before you leave the hospital. However, it will depend on how many days you will be in the hospital, when we held your last filming session, the number of sessions we were able to fit into the allotted time, and your discharge time. Our goal is to finish editing your movie the next day after your last Family Filming Session. If possible, your videographer will come to your room to show the video to you on a tablet computer. If not, we will still post the movie and photos on your web page as soon as the movie is edited, so you can view it and share it with loved ones immediately. You will receive an email or text message once it is posted.
How do I share my movie on Facebook?
Your Biovideo movie will be at the top of the page above all the photos. Look for the share button or the message “Share Your Biovideo,” with the Facebook logo right next to it. Click on the Facebook logo. It will automatically bring up the Facebook page and prompt you to sign in. If you are already signed into Facebook, you will be prompted to “Say Something” to be shared with your friends on Facebook, inviting them to click the Biovideo icon, at which time they will be directed to a special landing page where only your video will play. Visitors will not be able to see your private information or your photos. You can share each photo in the same way.
Can I upload my video to YouTube?
If you choose to purchase a download of your high-resolution video, you are then able to post it on your own YouTube page. For privacy reasons, we do not post anyone's Biovideo on YouTube.
My photos have a mark on them - how can I remove it?
Your photos are posted in low resolution on your webpage, and will have a watermark before you purchase them. You may choose to download the approximately 50+ photos in high resolution for a fee, which you can pay online. The photos will be "unlocked" so you can download them, share them in high resolution, or use them to make prints, create birth announcements or photo books or other uses.
Can I send my photos to be printed elsewhere?
We offer the convenience of ordering prints online or in the hospital, which will be shipped directly to your home from the professional photo lab. Click on the Biovideo store to order now. You can also download all your high-resolution photos in .jpg format for a fee, and then select any or all that you wish to have printed elsewhere. You have the full rights to all of your pictures once you have purchased and downloaded them. When you purchase the high-resolution photo download, it comes with the release of copyright that some printers may require.
How long will my photos and videos be available online?
By agreement with the hospital, we will keep your Biovideo movie and photos available for viewing for a minimum of 60 days from the date that the account is posted online. If you choose to make any purchase of a download or package, we will keep your images online for another year at no additional cost to you. After 60 days, we have the option to remove your images from the site due to storage limitations and costs. If you wish to purchase your photos or video after the 60-day period, we will also restore them online to your page for sharing for another year. We retain your images in offline storage for a reasonable period of time, often for a year, as a courtesy to parents, but we cannot guarantee that they will be retained forever due to storage limitations.
How can I upload my pictures?
Once you login to your portal you can see the pictures uploaded by biovideo team and you also can upload your own pictures. For uploading your pictures you need to click the pink button available near the cover page of your portal.
How can I invite my friends to see my Biovideo and Pictures?
Once you login to your portal you need to follow the following steps to invite your friends:
  1. Click on the “Invite Friends” option available on the left hand side panel
  2. Once in there, write the email address of your friend
  3. Once you have written the email address click on the little option appearing right below the email address saying "Add email..."
  4. Click send
An email, containing a link to your profile, will be sent to your friend and they will be able to see your Biovideo and all of your pictures.
How do I select pictures for the package I have purchased?
You can select pictures for packages in two ways:
  1. Before purchasing a package
    1. Click on "Shop" from left panel or from top right corner of your portal
    2. Select a package that you want to purchase
    3. The next screen will list down the products that you will get with that package and pictures will be appearing against each selectable product
    4. You can select pictures and complete the order
    One thing to notice here is that your package will not be forwarded to the Biovideo Sales Team until you have selected all the pictures mentioned in each product. Once you have selected all the pictures the order will be forwarded to the Biovideo Sales Team for preparation and will be dispatched to you once it is prepared.
  2. After you have purchased the package
    1. Click on "Shop" from left panel or from top right corner of your portal
    2. Select a package that you want to purchase
    3. The next screen will list down the products that you will get with that package and pictures will be appearing against each selectable product
    4. There will be an option on the store asking "Select Photos Later". If you select this option picture selection will disappear and you can continue with the package purchase without selecting pictures
    5. In such cases, in order to select pictures for the package you need to go to the “Purchased” option of the left hand side panel on the Home page of your portal
    6. Once you are in “Purchased” page, you will see a list of packages you have purchased. You can click on the name of any package and you will be routed to the pictures selection page